An exceptional fishmeal bait with marine extracts, fresh Salmon oil and Robin Red. The flavour/attractor combination is Monster Crab and Mega Salmon with powerful organic acids and hydrolysed natural extracts and essences that are bursting with free amino acids. An exceptionally attractive bait in the warmer water temperatures of late spring through to the end of the autumn.


The RH (Rapido Hot) Hybrids have a strong, unique smell and the complex bait recipe provides a digestible, nutritional food source that is perfect for catfish. It is a spicy fish meal bait containing hydrolysates, natural extracts, oils and a complex of spices. The RH is a fantastic bait with a proven track record as an all-season bait. 

The RH Hybrids are made in the same way as the Oily Hybrid with a hard, cooked exterior and a paste centre which is exposed at each end. The hard, boiled exterior ensures that the bait remains intact for a long period and the paste centre releases its flavours and attractors quickly for maximum attraction and a fast response from the cats.

Several years of fishing with the RH have shown that this is a very effective bait as the water temperature drops with plenty of cats being caught with water temperatures down to as low as 6 to 7 degrees. This is definitely the one to go for at the beginning of the season when the water’s still cold.