Our Feline XT 11ft and 12ft catfish rods are available from stock and also as a ‘custom’ build. 

Our blanks are built exclusively for me by Harrison Advanced Rods using the most up to date materials which ensures the very best performance and action for our Big Cat and our Big Carp rods. I have worked with Steve Harrison for nearly 30 years and there is no doubt in my mind that the very best blanks are made by Harrison Advanced Rods here in England. Top quality and 100% British 😊

I have chosen top quality Fuji rings and reel seats and both Feline XT rods feature a fighting grip in front of the reel seat and a comfortable butt cap for fighting powerful cats. I build the rods myself in my own rod room which gives me total control over the build, the quality of the finish and also the lead time. All rods are hand signed.  

Feline XT 11ft and 12ft are available from stock with all black whipping which gives a classy finish against the dark, graphite grey colour of the blank. The red, white and blue of the UK flag and the silver Big Cat Feline XT logo give the rod a lovely, class finish. 

Custom builds: tippings in different colours can be added, as can a name. Ask about other custom details and I will see what I can do. For example ALPs reel seats are also available. I particularly like the red, white and blue tippings either side of the flag and log and for my own rods I have also added a different colour tipping behind each reel seat: one red, one silver and one blue. You could also add coloured tippings to match with the LEDs on your buzzers 😊.  Custom finish is up to you. 

Feline XT 12ft: the perfect combination of a forgiving tip section and plenty of power through the middle section and in the butt, exactly what is needed to cushion the lunges of a big catfish. The Feline XT 12ft is a powerful rod with a lovely action and ‘feel’. 

I rate our 12ft Feline XT at 4lb to 4½lb with the right action and inherent power that makes it the perfect rod for our UK style of cat fishing.  

Feline XT 11ft: similar action and ‘feel’ to the 12ft but with much more power and leverage. A fantastic cat rod with the power in the butt to tame those foreign monsters, as well as the huge cats we are now finding in numerous UK waters. 

Feed-back from our French team of Antoine Gonzalez and Jerome Caujolle was invaluable during the testing and protoype stages of developing this rod. Their catches of huge cats from the massive river Rhone and from Spain gave them plenty of opportunity to test the prototypes thoroughly. Playing big cats both from the bank and from a boat gave us loads of invaluable feed-back so that we could get the rod just right. 

I rate our 11ft Feline XT at 5lb.